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- general rules
- newbie guide
- item rules
- classes rules
- crafting
- combat guidelines
- factions
- NPCs

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link for site discord

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IC news here!

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Combat System

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1 Combat System on Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:43 pm


Default: unprotected, standing still, no obscurities or anything that would make an attack difficult.


- having a contest with someone using a greater skill set
- under threat
- time sensitive
- light or stronger armour
- heavy armour
- off balance
- partial cover (2)
- lack of control of position (i.e. midair)
- mild or greater injury in effect
- major or greater injury in effect
- grave injury in effect

Injury levels

- Light bruising and scratching that will heal quickly given the area is kept clean. Apart from being painful, these wounds will probably only result in you becoming less pretty.
- Wounds on non vital or debilitating that are difficult for those not used pain, and will be somewhat distracting, but not enough to throw you off while in the midst of combat. These wounds will heal on their own in a matter of weeks.
- These wounds are severe enough that they will hold you back while trying to push through the pain and damage. Deep tissue bruising, minor fracturing and second degree burns live here.
- Serious injuries that even the grittiest of individuals can't ignore. Includes cuts into muscle, concussive collisions and breaking small bones.
- Wounds that will seriously debilitate someone. Broken bones, deep wounds into muscle and non vital tissue. A few of these have the potential to make the sufferer bleed out over a long period of time.
- Wounds that inflict a serious risk of dying should they not be treated. These won't heal without the help of treatment. Damage to non lethal nervous systems, bruising to internal organs.
- Injuries so dire that the sufferer will die should they not receive attention quickly and even then, could result in disability. Serious internal bleeding, severing major veins, shattering of bones or even brain damage.
- Irreparable harm done to vital systems that result in a quick death. Rest in pepperonis.

Vague Manipulation

If you've never heard of VM then you probably don't have anything to worry about. Simply put, VM is the act of supplying your own details to fill in the holes in the narrative left by other writers in a way that is advantageous to yourself. On this site, small and restricted use of VM is acceptable, as long as it is not to the point of diverting the intent of the current narrative. This means that using VM to catch others out on a technicality is prohibited. VM is allowed due to the potential need to supply detail to the narrative so that you may progress without holding up the flow of the event with back edits. It is important to supply all important detail to your posts to avoid detramental VM.

Acceptable use of VM:
Two bluecoats are standing on the street. One is guarding the door and another is standing off to the side having a smoke. Person A goes up to talk to one of them to get information but doesn't say which one. Person B wants to go through the door so he VM's Person A to be talking to the smoking one.

Unacceptable use of VM:
Person A and B are fighting. Person A jumps. Since the height of the ceiling had not been specified, Person B VM's there to be a low roof, making Person A hit his head with his own jump.

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